The Top 8 Common Fears:

The Top 8 Common Fears:

1. Fear of flying: Even though statistics show it is the safest way to travel, flying still appears to be the number one fear.

2. Fear of public speaking: This is due to the fact that all eyes are on you – and if you make a mistake then there’s no escape!

3. Fear of heights: Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say “the fear of landing” – and the possible damage this could do to you!

4. Fear of the dark: This fear is almost universal in all younger kids, and it’s one that can persist well into adulthood. It’s partly due to the fact that we can’t tell what is there – so we feel vulnerable as can’t protect ourselves.

5. Fear of intimacy: This is closely aligned with the fear of rejection, abandonment, commitment, and of being controlled.

6. Fear of death: This is partly related to the fear of the unknown, but also to the thought of non-existence, too.

7. Fear of failure: Almost everybody fears being scorned and written off – or of missing the mark, and being judged inadequate.

8. Fear of rejection: We all want to feel loved, and to know that we belong – so we fear being rejected and the message that this sends.



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