(Translated from the Irish of the Eighth Century.)

O Great Mary,
Most Great of women,
Queen of the Angels,
Woman full of, and replete with the grace of the Holy Spirit,
Blessed and Most Blessed,
Mother of Eternal Glory,
Mother of the Heavenly and Earthly Church,
Mother of Love and Indulgence,
Mother of the Golden Light,
Honor of the Sky,
Sign of Tranquillity,
Gate of Heaven,
Golden Casket,
Temple of the Divinity,
Beauty of Virgins,
Mistress of the Tribes,
Fountain of the Parterres,
Mother of the Orphans,
Breast of the Infants,
Solace of the Wretched,
Star of the Sea,
Handmaid of God,
Mother of the Redeemer,
Resplendent like the Sun,
Destruction of Eve’s Disgrace,
Regeneration of Life,
Chief of the Virgins,
Inclosed Garden,
Closely-locked Fountain,
Mother of God,
Perpetual Virgin,
Holy Virgin,
Prudent Virgin,
Serene Virgin,
Chaste Virgin,
Temple of the Living God,
Royal Throne of the Eternal King,
Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,
Virgin of the Roof of Jesus,
Cedar of Mount Lebanon,
Cypress of Mount Sion,
Crimson Rose of the Land of Jacob,
Blooming like the Olive Tree,
Glorious Son-bearer,
Light of Nazareth,
Glory of Jerusalem,
Beauty of the World,
Noblest Boon of the Christian Flock,
Queen of Life,
Ladder of Heaven :

Hear the petition of the poor; spurn not the wounds and groans of the miserable. Let the devotion of our sighs be carried through thee to the presence of the Creator, for we are not ourselves worthy of being heard, because of our evil deserts. O powerful Mistress of Heaven and Earth, dissolve our trespasses and our sins; destroy our wickedness and corruptions; raise the fallen, the debilitated and the fettered; loosen the condemned; repair, through thyself, the transgressions of our immoralities and of our vices; appease for us the Judge, by thy voice and thy supplications; allow us not to be carried off from these among the spoils of our enemies; allow not our souls to be condemned, but take us to thyself, forever, under thy protection. We beseech thee and pray thee further, O Holy Mary, through thy great supplication, from thy only Son, that is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, that God may defend us from all straits and temptations, and obtain for us, from the God of Creation, that we may all receive from Him the forgiveness and remission of all our sins and trespasses, and that we may obtain from Him further, through thy supplication, the perpetual occupation of the Heavenly Kingdom through the eternity of life; in the presence of the Saints and of the world, which may we deserve and may we occupy, in sæcula sæculorum



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