How to Identify if you are in an Abusive Relationship:

How to Identify if you are in an Abusive Relationship:

• He/she blames you for their anger

(Note: There is a difference between having a bad day, and always being blamed for upsetting someone.)

• He/ she sees themselves as a helpless victim; they have no sense of personal responsibility

• He/ she has a substance abuse problem or addiction.

• He/ she has trouble managing intense feelings, such as anger and rage.

• He /she has a history of aggression and reacting violently.

• He/ she threatens you and others regularly.

• He/ she insults you, puts you down and call you names.

• He/ she dictates your life – what you should wear, who you can spend time with, how you should act etc.

• He/ she tries to isolate you from family, friends or others who could help you (as they could influence how you see the abusive relationship).

• He/ she  breaks, throws away, or “loses” items that matter to you when you upset them

• He/ she makes you doubt yourself and your sanity. For example, through blowing trivial things out of proportion so that they escalate into huge arguments. (This is believed to a form of mind control.)

• He/ she accuses you of creating imaginary problems in the relationship – just to provoke an argument.

• He/ she says derogatory and hurtful things to you – but later says that you imagined it.

• You start doing things you don’t want to do just to stop them getting angry with you, or ending the relationship.

  • He/she is a Passive-Aggressive Psycho



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