van goh

My Special Needs Daughter Has Just Come Back From Spending Time With Her Aunt Mary And Her Grandma Jane.

Now She Doesn’t Want To Be Alone in A Room With Me. I Wonder What Could Have Brought That On?

Maybe The Same Reason That Her School Treats Me As A “POSSIBLE OFFENDER” As Their Security Guard Checkpoint Puts It.

They Probably Got A Phone Call And Never Attempted To Confirm The Information.

My Niece And Nephew (Aunt Mary’s Children) Have Never Come Near Me Or Had A Conversation With Me Their Entire Lives…They Are Now 18 yrs. Old.

Uncle Joe And Aunt Ange Never Let Their Children Near Me Or Speak To Me Either.

I Have Seen Aunt Ange Whisper In Their Ears While Pointing At Me.

I Have NEVER “Touched” Anyone Inappropriately.

I DON’T Have A Police Record.

I Was A  Staff Sergeant (E-6) And Section Chief  Of Fire Direction Control; and Well Decorated (4 Army Achievement Medals ) In The New Jersey Army National Guard.

Although We Have Been Married For 31 yrs., My Wife Never Stands Up For Or Defends

Me, Or Supports Me In Any Way. She Is A PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BITCH.

This Is Why I DESPISE These People And Their Families; They Are Very, Very, Very BAD people!


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