How to Cope with not Being Liked:

How to Cope with not Being Liked:

1. Expect some people to reject you. It’s a fact of life that we won’t like everyone – and there will be people who don’t like us. It often has to do with different personalities rather than something being wrong with you.

2. Learn how to brush off rejections and put downs – at the end what matters is how you handle it. If you still act as if you are comfortable with “you” then others will respect you for your healthy self-esteem.

3. It’s often about them and not about you so try not to take rejection personally. Perhaps they are jealous or envious of you; or perhaps they’re just taking their feelings out on you.

4. People rarely see us in absolute terms. There are some things they will like and others they’ll dislike. It may be they hate one particular trait – but we’re a mix of many things – so don’t worry about that.

5. Don’t over-think what other people think or say. Distract yourself, and think of something else instead. They’re not worth the effort or the wasted energy. Just get on with your life and enjoy being you.


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