Biggest Career Mistakes:

Biggest Career Mistakes:

  • Assuming that you know everything
  • Forgetting to network
  • Not being prepared for meetings
  • Ignoring the value of business cards
  • Engaging in office drama
  • Arriving at meetings late
  • Not asking for more work when you’re bored
  • Being satisfied doing the minimum amount of work necessary
  • Not sharing your career goals with your leader
  • Not reading up on your industry
  • Forgetting to make a LinkedIn page
  • Over-sharing personal stories at work
  • Burning bridges when leaving a job
  • Dressing unprofessionally
  • Not proof-reading your e-mails
  • Believing that you’re going to be a VP right out of college
  • Not seeing the value in entry-level positions
  • Not learning from your mistakes and failures
  • Failing to seek out a mentor
  • Thinking that once you choose a job field, you’re stuck with it forever
  • Not keeping an updated resume at all times
  • Failing to join associations and groups pertaining to your industry
  • Being a negative person
  • Not taking initiative and turning down all new projects
  • Forgetting to thank people who help you
  • Not asking for help when you need it
  • Not speaking up when you’re overwhelmed with your workload
  • Trying to convince yourself that you love your job when you don’t
  • Overestimating your abilities and not being honest about them
  • Turning down training courses
  • Not keeping track of all your accomplishments
  • Making career decisions for anyone other than yourself
  • Not actively looking for a job when you’re not happy with the one you have
  • Thinking that it’s too late in life to change careers
  • Making premature judgments of others
  • Over-promising results, and then failing to deliver
  • Not having a system for managing e-mails
  • Failing to understand when and how you’re most productive
  • Assuming that everyone around you thinks the same way you do
  • Failing to accept diversity as an asset to your team
  • Not caring how your actions affect other people
  • Having an emotional IQ of zero
  • Not asking questions
  • Making decisions that impact others without consulting with them first
  • Believing that you need to be an a-hole to be taken seriously
  • Taking jobs just for the money
  • Not sharing your knowledge with others
  • Letting your ego guide your decisions
  • Not thinking big-picture
  • Complaining about problems instead of offering solutions
  • Failing to embrace change
  • Letting new technology intimidate you
  • Not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • Failing to give yourself time to recharge
  • Not standing up for what you’re worth



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