The Nelson Report, focused on Asia and aimed at a political audience in DC, says admin officials warn of possibility of US preemptive strike:

The Nelson Report, focused on Asia and aimed at a political audience in DC, says admin officials warn of possibility of US preemptive strike:

What People Are Saying:

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816,393 munitions valued at over $95 million were delivered to Andersen Air Force Base between Aug 21 & Sept 30

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Admin source tells me “Everyone wants ‘preemptive war’ now except for Mattis.” Normal Korea experts have no idea how serious this is

What Does Trump’s New Executive Order Amending Executive Order 13223 Mean?

What Does Trump’s New Executive Order Amending Executive Order 13223 Mean?

Executive Order 13223 amendment

President Donald Trump signed a Presidential Executive Order amending Executive Order 13223, which may signal a new war for the United States. The original executive order 13223 was signed into law on September 14, 2001, by then-President Bush following the 9/11 terrorist attacks carried out by al-Qaeda operatives.

The full text of the original executive order can be read here. In it, Bush suspended “certain laws relating to promotion, involuntary retirement, and separation of commissioned officers.”

The one today, signed into law by Trump, extends the state of emergency and allows the federal government to recall into service any “retired member of the Regular Army, Regular Navy, Regular Air Force, or RegularMarine Corps.”

The text can be interpreted as saying that Trump wants to go to war and wants to make sure no military personnel who have left lately or intend on soon leaving can leave. Unlike Bush, whose executive order forced service extensions on soldiers who were already serving when 9/11 happened, Trump is giving himself the power to recall anyone who’s ever served in the military in the past.

Some have suggested that this is “the storm” Trump casually mentioned in front of reporters in early October. “Could be the calm before the storm,” Trump said. “From Iran?” asked one reporter. “On ISIS? On what?”

Trump refused to answer.

uuh… something big is happening. Amending Executive Order 13223, USAF pilots being called back into service… Is that “storm” coming?

The full text of the new executive order by Trump can be read here.

Trump is not the first president to extend Bush-era 9/11 laws. USA Today writes, “Last month, President Trump became the third president to renew the post-9/11 state of national emergency, which allows the president to call up the national guard, hire and fire officers and delay retirements.”

However, the amendment recalling troops is a new addition. The White House has yet to comment about the latest addendum.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 49 KJV:

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 49 KJV:

Blessed Charles of Austria, Emperor and Confessor – 21 October

A king divinely ordained to make a nation’s amends, how he swept away all the foul idols of the law-breakers; how true he kept his heart to the Lord’s bidding, what comfort he gave to piety, when wickedness abounded!


1The remembrance of Josias is like the composition of the perfume that is made by the art of the apothecary: it is sweet as honey in all mouths, and as musick at a banquet of wine.

2He behaved himself uprightly in the conversion of the people, and took away the abominations of iniquity.

3He directed his heart unto the Lord, and in the time of the ungodly he established the worship of God.

4All, except David and Ezekias and Josias, were defective: for they forsook the law of the most High, even the kings of Juda failed.

5Therefore he gave their power unto others, and their glory to a strange nation.

6They burnt the chosen city of the sanctuary, and made the streets desolate, according to the prophecy of Jeremias.

7For they entreated him evil, who nevertheless was a prophet, sanctified in his mother’s womb, that he might root out, and afflict, and destroy; and that he might build up also, and plant.

8It was Ezekiel who saw the glorious vision, which was shewed him upon the chariot of the cherubims.

9For he made mention of the enemies under the figure of the rain, and directed them that went right.

10And of the twelve prophets let the memorial be blessed, and let their bones flourish again out of their place: for they comforted Jacob, and delivered them by assured hope.

11How shall we magnify Zorobabel? even he was as a signet on the right hand:

12So was Jesus the son of Josedec: who in their time builded the house, and set up an holy temple to the Lord, which was prepared for everlasting glory.

13And among the elect was Neemias, whose renown is great, who raised up for us the walls that were fallen, and set up the gates and the bars, and raised up our ruins again.

14But upon the earth was no man created like Enoch; for he was taken from the earth.

15Neither was there a young man born like Joseph, a governor of his brethren, a stay of the people, whose bones were regarded of the Lord.

16Sem and Seth were in great honour among men, and so was Adam above every living thing in creation.

Ravens cooperate — but not with just anyone:

Ravens cooperate — but not with just anyone:


In an experiment, two ravens had to simultaneously pull the two ends of one rope to slide a platform with two pieces of cheese into reach. If only one of them pulled, the rope would slip through the loops, leaving them with no cheese. Without any training they solved the task and cooperated successfully.

However, when one of the two birds cheated and stole the reward of its companion, the victims of such cheats immediately noticed and started defecting in further trials with the same individual.

“Such a sophisticated way of keeping your partner in check has previously only been shown in humans and chimpanzees, and is a complete novelty among birds.”